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Kirkland Cemeteries – Manchester Cemetary

The property was described as 50 yards south of the “State Highway” and triangular in shape; “the base is about 60 feet wide toward the road, south to its point, possibly 250 feet.” There were 25-30 gravestones in the early 1920s. The oldest was Mrs. Rachel Laird, who died September 7, 1795, age 67, and the most recent was Mrs. Eunice Stockwell who died in August 1851.

In 1936 it was reported that three iron pins marking the front line were in existence.

Who were some of the land buyers? Nathan Thompson was an early settler in what’s now Clark Mills. Samuel Laird settled what’s now Lairdsville, and David Pixley ran an inn in 1805 on the Seneca Turnpike.


Thomas Ballou, died September 7, 1826, age 6 months, 3 days
Charles Clarke, died June 5, 1813, age 46
James Thompson, died January ? ? age 76
Nathan Thompson, died August 14, 1826, age 63 years, 10 months, 7 days
Theodosia Thompson, wife of Nathan, died April 23, 1829, age 43
Mary Thompson, wife of Nathan, died June 20, 1848, age 89 years, 6 mon.
Angelina Hand, daughter of George and Rhoda, died November 17, 1829, age 17
Jesse Carpenter, died September 17, 1837, age 57
Solomon Stockwell, died September 12, 1832, age 81 years, 9 months
Eunice Stockwell, wife of Solomon, died August 18, 1851
Jared Bennett, died July 29, 1840, age 73
Reuben Stockwell, died November 17, 1843, age 52
Solomon Stockwell, son of Reuben and Mary Stockwell, died May 22, 1836, age 8 months, 24 days
Anna Griffin, wife of Richard Griffin, died November 18, 1825, age 40
Prudence B. Whiting, daughter of Edmund and Mary Whiting, died May 21, 1841, age 15 years, 5 days
Josiah Bennett, son of Josiah and Mary Bennett, killed by a fall of a tree, November 26, 1842, age 16 years, 4 months, 2 days

Note – the post office in the hamlet of Kirkland was called Manchester until 1829; the post office was changed that year as another Manchester village, six miles north of Canandaigua, grew. To avoid confusion, Manchester here became Kirkland post office, which closed in 1941.

The picture below shows the Manchester Cemetery entrance with the sign placed in fall of 2007 by the Clinton Historical Society.
Manchester Cemetary




Various different businesses have held forth in the adjacent commercial building over the years. Many were bars and restaurants. Cranberry Bog was the name of one, and Dowling’s was the name of another.

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