Kirkland Cemeteries – Kellogg/Chuckery Cemetery

Almost to Chuckery on the north side of Kellogg Street is the next abandoned cemetery in our series: the Kellogg/Chuckery Cemetery. Early settlers in that eastern area of the town were buried there from such local families as Comstock, Kellogg, and Marshall.

The Kirkland Highway Department takes good care of it and has placed a split rail fence parallel to the road which enhances the appearance.





John J. Birdsey, died April 8, 1826, age 52 years
Eunice Bullard, daughter of John & Eunice Bullard, died September 27, 1852, age 21
Diadamia Comstock, wife of George W. Constock, died June 2, 1867, age 28 years, 7 months, 26 days
George W. Comstock, died November 9, 1877, age 59 years, 2 months
Levi Comstock, died July 13, 1859, age 76 years, 15 days
Lois Comstock, wife of Levi, died December 25, 1875, age 90 years
Ellen Enos, daughter of Henry & Harriet Enos, died February 28, 1859, age 9 years
Rush Enos, son of Henry & Harriet Enos, died March 1, 1859, age 7 years
Glenn H. Evans, died 1977, age 66 years
Eli I. Gilbert, died November 7, 1882, age 48 years
Martha P. Gilbert, daughter of Henry & Ursula Gilbert, died August 11, 1865, age 22 years, 10 months
Lorenzo F. Hecox, died January 1, 1887, age 78
Lucy Hecox, wife of Lorenzo Hecox, died April 1, 1880, age 70 years
Burton M. Johnson, son of Seth & Lydia Johnson, died January 14, 1862, age 15 months
Sarah H. Johnson, died March 5, 1831, age 6 years, 9 months
These 2 stones are right of Sarah H. Johnson’s and have similar engraving:
J.E.J. died January 18, 1828, age 3 months and J.K.J. died August 25, 1831, age 18 years
Bridget Jones, wife of John C. Jones, died September 17, 1900, age 69 years
John C. Jones, died July 7, 1901, age 72 years
Calvin Kellogg, died April 30, 1880, age 86 years- G.A.R. marker and flag
F.W. Kellogg, died May 27, 1868, age 23 years
Frankie Kellogg, died October 13, 1864, age 5 years
George Clark Kellogg, son of Henry & Jane Kellogg, died June 27, 1853, age 3 years, 10 months, 27 days
Julia A. Kellogg, wife of James Kellogg? died November 3, 1856, age 25 years
Loomis Kellogg, died October 6, 1819, age 90 years, 1 month, 26 days; Revolutionary War soldier- D.A.R. marker
Persis Kellogg, wife of Loomis Kellogg, died April 23, 1858
Sophronia Hecox Kellogg, wife of Calvin Kellogg, died June 15, 1879, age 80 years
William B. Kellogg, died October 22, 1872, age 17 years
Sally Latham, wife of John Latham, died December 29, 1822, age 38 years
Elmina R. Marshall, wife of Townsend P. Marshall, died August 18, 1847, age 35 years, 6 months, 18 days
Elmina M. Marshall, daughter of E.C. & Virginia Marshall, died March 12, 1871, age 1 month, 1 day
Emma M. Saunders, wife of Ezra D. Saunders, died May 16, 1887, age 28
Ezra D. Saunders- no dates
Ina Mary Tremain, only daughter of John Tremain, died April 14 (year illegible), age 20
Caroline L. Woodin, wife of Giles E. Woodin, died June 21, 1856, age 31 years, 4 months, 14 days
Giles E. Woodin, died January 20, 1865, age 42 years, 4 months; G.A.R. Post 227, marker and flag

Notes – Three of the men served in the military, two in the Civil War and one in the Revolutionary War. The burial of Glenn H. Evans (1911-1977) is somewhat confusing if accurate. Can anyone help? No other Evans names are recorded so one wonders why Evans was buried there over 75 years after the previous burial? By 1977 this cemetery was officially abandoned so the date of 1977 seems questionable.

The above tombstone inscriptions were recorded in 2001 by Betty McCulloch and Kathleen Last. 3 field stones had no inscriptions.

Epitaph from the Old Burying Ground, Kirkland Avenue

Alathea, consort of Samuel Bingham, August 12, 1822, 68 years

“Lord, she was thine and not mine own Thou hast not done me wrong I thank thee for the precious loan Afforded me so long”

Information in this article is as correct and factually accurate as possible. If you notice a fact that you believe is incorrect, please let us know. Comments are always welcome.

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  1. Bob VanDenbergh

    Thank you for info on the three veterans buried in this cemetery. Have you done any work collecting info on burials in the Deansboro Cemetery about 4 miles south of Clinton NY on Rte 12b. I am currently trying to locate all veterans in this cemetery, but many of the early stones are so worn they can’t be read. I would appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks.

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