Wade Lallier

Mary Byrd

Mary was born and raised in Clinton. She joined the CHS Board after a very persuasive conversation with Mr. Burdick. She has greatly enjoyed working with the fellow board members.
Term Exp. 2019

Rose Raymond.

Term Exp. 2021

Lisa Firsching

Zach Lewis

Zach is an educator, photographer and journalist from Clinton. He joined the board as a way to be connected to the past, present and future of the Clinton community.
Term Exp. 2020

Dave Iles

Ruth Cosgrove

Ruth has lived in Clinton over 30 years. She feels it is privilege to work with the Society to preserve and share the town’s rich history.
Term Exp. 2020

Robert (Gill) Goering

Gill has very deep roots in the Clinton community. He comes from a family that served the community in many ways for many generations going back to the mid 1800s. With his roots so deep in the community, he felt that it would be a privilege to serve on the board of the historical society and help preserve the heritage of the Clinton community.
Term Exp. 2018

Pat Grimes

Pat moved to Clinton in 1978. He decided to join the Board because he loved the exhibits and presentations he has seen over the years and wanted to contribute to promoting them. Term Exp. 2019

Sharon Williams
Term Exp. 2021

Moe Lalonde

Moe grew up in Clinton and returned to raise his family after spending some years away. He feels it is a privilege to continue the work of so many in keeping the history of Clinton alive to share with everyone.
Term Exp. 2018

Pamela Dennison

Term Exp. 2021