A Multitude of Clintons

Clinton is the  5th most common place name in the United States following Washington, Springfield, Franklin and Lebanon. Here are the other Clintons in case you found us by mistake or are just curious.

Clinton, Arkansas   (city)

Clinton, Connecticut   (town)

Clinton, Illinois   (city)

Clinton, Indiana   (city)

Clinton, Iowa   (city)

Clinton, Kentucky   (city)

Clinton, Louisiana   (town)

Clinton, Maine   (town)

Clinton, Maryland   (CDP)

Clinton, Massachusetts   (town)

Clinton, Macomb County, Michigan   (CDP)

Clinton, Lenawee County, Michigan     (village)

Clinton, Minnesota   (city)

Clinton, Mississippi   (city)

Clinton, Missouri   (city)

Clinton, Montana   (CDP)

Clinton, Nebraska   (village)

Clinton, New Jersey  (town)

Clinton County, New York    (county)

Clinton, Clinton County, New York   (town)

Clinton, Dutchess County, New York   (town)

Clinton, North Carolina    (town)

Clinton, Ohio   (town)

Clinton, Oklahoma   (town)

Clinton, South Carolina   (town)

Clinton, Tennessee   (town)

Clinton, Utah   (city)

Clinton, Washington   (CDP)

Clinton, Wisconsin   (town)


List courtesy of Wikipedia.